About the Lodge

We recognized with the acquisition of this priceless ocean front site, we had a responsibility and opportunity to create something timeless, enduring and worthy. We imagined creating a hospitality destination that would remain relevant and germane in 50 years. A legacy project. The architecture and interior design would be critical in achieving this.

With that in mind, we hired Abbott Architecture of Seattle. We had several conceptual meetings with them to share our vision and discuss how best to accomplish our goals. We wanted to create a lodge that had a feel of a 1940’s beach resort, but at the same time would offer a warm and comfortable experience with the modern amenities that today’s discriminating guests would appreciate. This is the challenge we posited for them:

Design for a coastal lodge retreat with tasteful, timeless architecture that mixes sloping roof lines, cedar shakes, large porch verandas, and our ocean front setting. Dormer ceilings with exposed beam ceilings, large wooden columns, warm colors, and lots of natural woods. We would like fireplaces, a bit of wicker, tasteful fabrics, fun artwork with a bit of romance and whimsy sprinkled in. If you walked into our lobby, you would walk across an old wooden floor, towards overstuffed leather chairs, and a massive rock fireplace that anchors the lodge, while providing golden fire light into niches of the open library loft that overlooks the lobby.

Upstairs, adjacent to the library and sitting area, our breakfast room would open to a spectacular blown glass chandelier, large windows and great aromas from fresh ground coffee.

When a property sits right on the beach in the pacific northwest, it is very important to provide guest rooms that are inviting, warm and comfortable all year long. They should be the perfect place for snuggling in with a good book or a nest from which to take in the awe of a winter storm. Our goal is to make them so comfortable that guests won’t want to leave.

To accomplish this, we sat for hours discussing the minutiae of The Ocean Lodge. In the guest rooms, we considered the view from your bed or chair and how to maximize your view of the ocean or Haystack Rock. What would it feel like to stand on your deck and watch the sunset? How about in the morning with a cup of coffee in hand? Will our 12-foot wide veranda on the first floor be a great place to sip some wine while playing a game of chess with your grandchild? We discussed the feeling that dormer ceilings create. We asked that the design incorporate exposed wooden beams, wooden chair rails, real solid wood doors, and gas fireplaces that turn on with a switch. We wanted windows that tucked into your bathroom above your tub to let in natural light.

Getting the interior design elements right was essential. We liked the idea of using a variety of fabrics that are tasteful, yet add color. We like bathrooms that use real tile. We like soaking tubs that have a light above to set the ambience.

We like separate showers that have a place to put your shampoo, and we absolutely hate fluorescent lights. We like to create a warm residential feeling and we do not like all our rooms to look or feel the same. We like variety in our color schemes and in our furniture. We have wicker. We use pillow shams, dust ruffles, and floor lamps that give enough light for reading. The goal: to create warmth and comfort.

As to the different room layouts, we included some rooms that have the bedroom separate from the living area and bathrooms with a walk-in shower. The majority of our rooms have a king-size bed and bathroom with a soaking tub and/or walk-in shower. Some of these rooms have a sofa sleeper. All our rooms have decks and since we are located right on the beach, most have stunning views of the ocean. Across from the main lodge, we also have eight rooms in four separate buildings. Each building is a little different from the other. One is a private little cottage studio unto itself. All of these rooms have decks, gas fireplaces, and corner style Jacuzzis with separate showers.

From the myriad of drawings and revisions, The Ocean Lodge began to rise like a phoenix. Not, however, before endless meetings over financing, the county, contractors, the city, FEMA, design review boards, planning commission and neighbors.

Every bit as important as the building and the décor, finding the essential, true hospitality staff to share and deploy our standards for service and quality was our next challenge. We have been very discerning in our hiring as we believe it is perhaps the most important element of the guests stay – the experience of true hospitality.

We have enormous pride in The Ocean Lodge and the destination it has evolved to become for the far-flung couples and families that call us their Cannon Beach beach home. Thank you for choosing to stay with us.

Property Map

The Ocean Lodge Property Map