Courtesies & Expectations

We want you to have as much fun as possible, but please, not at the expense of other guests. If guests abide by the following guidelines, everyone can relax and enjoy their stay.

Light Courtesies

We ask that you turn off your lights when not using them and/or as you leave your room – it’s easy being green! Please be especially mindful of your outside porch lights, as they can obstruct the night view of your neighboring guests.

Noise Courtesies

We know that in a 45 room lodge, sometimes things just get busy. And that’s fine. All we ask is that you respect the space and privacy of those around you.

Non-Smoking Policy

We are a 100% smoke-free establishment. There is absolutely no smoking in the rooms, in the main lodge, or on the decks and balconies. Please see the property map for our two designated smoking areas. Smoking is allowed in these places and nowhere else.

If any guest should smoke in a room, the guest will reimburse the lodge for one additional night’s lodging. This fee is necessary to compensate for the 24-hour period the room will be out of service while it is being detailed and cleaned. We appreciate your cooperation.

Pet Policy

The Ocean Lodge is happy to accommodate you and your pet in our selected pet friendly rooms, but we ask you to comply with a few guidelines to ensure that everyone staying with us will have a good  time. First of all, you should have signed the “Pet Contract” at Check-In time. This gives a further explanation of our pet policies and details your responsibilities as the pet owner. If we neglected to ask you to sign it on your way in, please let us know and we can bring a copy to your room.

We ask that pets not be left unattended in your room at any time. Hotel rooms are not the same as the home they are accustomed to, and when left in a strange place without you they can become very upset. Pet sitting is available by appointment. Please contact the front desk for assistance.

Due to allergy sensitive guests, we have designated pet friendly rooms.

If any guest should have a pet in their room and it is not a designated pet friendly room, the guest will be required to pay for one additional night’s lodging. The fee is necessary to compensate for the 24-hour period the room will be out of service while it is cleaned and detailed. Please respect our commitment to provide pet-free guestrooms.

And finally, please pick up after your pet – it’s just good karma!