Safety & Security

Your safety and security are of the utmost importance to our entire staff. Please read the following section so that you know what we do to ensure your safety, what you should do to maintain your privacy, and what we all do in times of emergencies. Our Front Desk operates 24 hours a day; if you have questions and/or concerns about any of these issues, please dial “0”.

Personal Privacy & Security

Doors: Every guest room entry door is equipped with a “view hole”, a dead bolt lock, and a “Do Not Disturb” sign. Use the “view hole” to identify visitors. If you are unsure of the person at your door, don’t open it; call the Front Desk. Use the dead bolt lock and “Do Not Disturb” sign when you don’t want anyone coming into your room.

NOTE: to hold your door open, please use the provided magnetic doorstop. Please do not use the dead bolt to hold your door open, because it can damage the doorframe.

Entry Doors

All exterior doors will be locked daily between the hours of 10:00 pm and 6:00 am. You will need your room key for re-entry or please call the front desk at 503-436-2241 for assistance.

Lost & Found

If you think you have misplaced something somewhere in our hotel or in your room, just check with the Front Desk. The Housekeepers and Front Desk staff keep lost items in a safe place until they are reclaimed. Items left in room upon check-out will be held for 90 days. We do not keep liquids or foods.

Earthquake Evacuation

In the unlikely event of an earthquake, take immediate cover in a doorway or under a table until the quake has subsided. Immediately after, follow the Tsunami Evacuation plan on the following page.

Fire Safety & Emergency Procedures

If you see a fire or smell smoke, dial “0” and inform the Front Desk of the following: your name and room number, and the location of the smoke and/or fire.

If the Ocean Lodge fire alarm is activated, evacuate the building immediately. Use the emergency stairway exits located in the Main Lobby or at either end of every floor in the main building. When the alarm sounds, the elevator will be automatically lowered to the lobby and the doors will open. Once this happens the elevator will shut itself down until the fire system is reset. If you are on an upper floor, and need assistance with the stairs, please call the Front Desk immediately. Upon evacuation, meet the staff and other guests at the south end of The Ocean Lodge, on the corner of Pacific and Chisana Streets.

Fire Alarm Boxes

These are located in each hallway and all the common areas of our lodge. If you see a fire, pull down on the lever and the fire alarm will sound and the sprinklers will activate.

Fire Extinguishers

There are two fire extinguishers on each floor of the lodge, at opposite ends of the hallways.

Smoke Alarms

There are smoke alarms throughout our lodge and in each guest room. All alarms have both audio and visual detection mechanisms, and are electric with battery backup.

Tsunami (Tidal Wave) Evacuation

During a tidal wave threat, the Tsunami Alert Siren will be activated for a period of 90 seconds, and will be followed by a loudspeaker announcement that prompts you to evacuate to higher ground. DON’T PANIC. Stay away from all bridges! Don’t pack things – leave them. Your safety is more important! DON’T DRIVE– unless you cannot walk. It is faster to go on foot because cars cause traffic jams. Never go to the beach to watch for a Tsunami. Tsunamis are very rare in Cannon Beach, but just in case, take the steps on the following page to ensure your safety.

Quickly exit the Ocean Lodge by following the exit signs to the stairways located at either end of the lodge on each floor, or through the Main Lobby.

Go to the front of the Ocean Lodge and proceed to higher ground by following Pacific Street north to Nelchena Street, or South to Chisana Street and head one block east to Hemlock Street. Then go right (south) on Hemlock for about three blocks to E. Surfcrest Ave. Take a left on E Surfcrest Ave and follow it to HWY 101. Proceed across HWY 101 to the Safe zone of 60 feet or more above sea level. Wait for the “All Clear” announcement from the city intercom system before returning to low land.

Tsunami (Tidal Wave) Evacuation Map