Our Story

You know you’re getting old when your thoughts turn from building your empire to leaving a legacy and making a difference in the world. My partners Mike Clark, our late co-founder Tom Drumheller and I had that conversation while contemplating the possibilities for developing this beautiful piece of beach front property that is now The Ocean Lodge. Yes, we have built a handsome beach lodge, but we will have truly accomplished our vision if you take us up on our invitation to embrace it as your own beach home. For some, The Ocean Lodge is their favorite romantic get-away. Yet, for others, The Ocean Lodge has become the family’s multi-generational vacation tradition and beach house. Imagine one day, The Ocean Lodge could become your grandchildren’s beach home, as it has become for our children’s children. Begin the tradition by leaving a note in our family album in the lobby living room if you would.

This beautiful building is part of our family’s past, present and future. Our vision was to create a place that would welcome young families and grow with them through the years. We proudly imagined that our own children would someday be welcoming your children, and their children to this same magical beach home they fondly recall from their childhoods. That wistful thought has now become a reality for us. What a success story! Generations building upon the wonderful memories of family fun in this most special of places – Cannon Beach.

The hospitality business is in our blood and the blood of our children who are working with us now. This ever-growing hospitality company provides our families with the ability to use our history and experience to retain the best of what went before, while bringing the vitality of youth to ensure that we stay contemporary – both culturally and technologically.

Thank you for patronizing our lodge. We hope you take the first step in creating a family tradition in Cannon Beach by savoring, and making the most of this visit. We are eager to share our knowledge of the town, the recreational opportunities and the little known special insider tips we’ve simply acquired over time. We wish for you fair winds and following seas!

Happy Beachcombing!

Patrick Nofield, Mike Clark and the late, great Tom Drumheller