We have a total of 45 rooms here at The Ocean Lodge, and no two rooms look alike. We have two major room types (one bedroom suite and studio style), yet each room has its own unique architecture and design. You can find a complete listing and a detailed description of all our rooms in the “Important Extras” section of this guidebook.

The list below will help you become acquainted with your room. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to call the Front Desk (dial “0” on your phone).

Air Conditioning & Fans

The need for air conditioning is so infrequent in Cannon Beach, that only twenty of our rooms come equipped with air conditioning [107-114, 207- 214, and 308-314]. In rooms without air conditioning, there are personal fans in the closets for your use.

In the rooms equipped with air conditioning, the units are operated with remote controls mounted on the walls near the units themselves. Make sure the desired setting is selected by pressing the “Mode” button. Please read the operating instructions.

The “On/Off” button controls the power.

To set the desired temperature, use the up and down arrow keys. Press the ‘arrow down’ key (called “Too Warm”) to lower the displayed temperature. Likewise, press the ‘arrow up’ key (called “Too Cold”) to raise the current temperature.

Now you are ready to fine tune a couple things. Select and press “Fan” to control the four speeds.

Select and press the button labeled “Vane” to adjust the direction of the vents and airflow.

Please let us know if you would like assistance.

Alarm Clocks with iPod Dock

Setting the Clock

  1. Press and hold the Nap/Clock Set Button for 2 seconds until the clock display flashes and a beep sounds.
  2. Press the – or + Buttons to adjust the clock to the current time (hold for rapid setting). Make sure you set the correct AM/PM time. The AM and PM indicators appear to the left of the display.
  3. To toggle the clock display between standard 12 hour time and 24 hour (“military”) time display, press the Alarm Button during time setting.
  4. Press the Nap/Clock Set Button to confirm the time and exit clock setting mode. 2 beeps will confirm clock setting is complete.

Using the Alarm

  1. Press and hold the Alarm Button for 2 seconds until the time display and alarm icon flash.
  2. Press the – or + Buttons to adjust the alarm time to the desired time (hold for rapid setting). Make sure you set the correct AM/PM alarm time. The AM and PM indicators appear to the left of the display.
  3. Press the Alarm Button to confirm the alarm time setting. The wake- to source will flash.
  4. Press the – or + Buttons to select the desired wake to alarm source: Bluetooth, radio or tone.

Wake to Bluetooth: You will wake to the currently linked Bluetooth device. If no device is detected, the alarm will default to current Tone.

Wake to Radio: Press the Alarm Button to confirm. Press the Presets

Button to select an FM preset to wake to, or press the – or + Buttons to tune in a desired wake to station.

Wake to Tone: Press the Alarm Button to confirm. Press the – or + Buttons to select one of the four built-in wake-to tones.

  1. Press the Alarm Button to confirm the alarm source. The volume display will flash.
  2. Press the or Buttons to adjust the alarm volume on the unit from 05 – 30. Note that the alarm volume setting is stored separately from other volume settings.
  3. Press the Alarm Button to confirm the alarm settings and exit alarm setting mode. 2 beeps will confirm clock setting is complete. The alarm icon will remain on the display, indicating the alarm is armed.

Previewing the Alarm and Turning the Alarm On/Off

  1. Press and release the Alarm Button to view the current alarm time.
  1. Press and release the Alarm Button as needed to toggle the alarm ON and OFF, indicated by the alarm icon.


The door and window blinds sacrifice a little functionality for looks; consequently, they are a bit heavy. To more easily raise the blinds, lift the bottom slat while pulling the cord. Make sure the cord locks in place before releasing your grip. We have rope hooks next to the blinds to accommodate the long cords. Our staff would be happy to help you, just dial “0” to call the Front Desk.

Coffee Makers & Coffee

All rooms come with coffee makers and one packet each of locally roasted regular Sleepy Monk Coffee; decaffeinated upon request.

IMPORTANT: Our coffee filter packs are each intended to make 4 cups of delicious coffee. The coffee maker makes 8-10 cups of coffee so if you want to make a larger pot, please contact the Front Desk for more coffee packets.

To operate, first fill the glass pot to the desired water level. Then, pour water into the top of the unit. The coffee comes in a filter pack so there is no need for a filter. Next, remove filter cup and place 1 filter pack directly into plastic cup. Finally, turn on the coffee maker. When all is finished, you should have 4 cups of steaming hot coffee. *Please note that some rooms may have coffee makers that run without pots. Please contact the Front Desk for operating instructions. We also have a coffee cart in the lobby of the lodge for your convenience. Enjoy!

The dishes and utensils have been washed for your convenience. If you would like to further sanitize these items, please contact the manager.

Television /DVD Operation

Turn on the TV & DVD Player by using the power button on top of both remotes.

Press the “Open/Close” or “Eject” button on the DVD Remote (or player), to open the disc tray.

Place DVD in the disc tray (title side up)

Using the TV Remote press the “Input” button. A small display will appear with showing TV input options.

Press repeatedly until you have the option to select HDMI 2. (We do have some TV’s that work on HDMI 1).

Once the TV is on the correct input, using the DVD remote press the Play botton.

If you are having trouble with this process please call the front desk and we will be happy to assist you!


The gas fireplaces do an excellent job of heating the rooms. In most rooms, there is a switch (looks like a light switch) on the wall of the fireplace that ignites/extinguishes the fire. In three of our rooms [100, 101, and 200], the fireplaces are operated by remote control. The

remotes are on the fireplace mantles and have simple “On” and “Off” buttons.


If the fireplace doesn’t provide enough heat for you, there is a cadet heater on the wall in the living area. (For the suite rooms there is also one in the separate bedroom.) The thermostat is located on the wall. Just set to desired temperature and relax. Be careful not to put anything directly in front of the heaters, as they can overheat and short out.

Jetted Tubs

There are two-person jetted tubs in 10 of our rooms. Press the water stopper down until it catches in the drain. Fill the tub to preferred water level (must be at least 2” above the jets), but do not overfill to avoid spilling. Press the center button to turn jets on/off. To adjust the pressure of the jets, turn the two side dials. When you are done, press and release the stopper. Buttons need to be pressed firmly.

Please contact the Front Desk for assistance.


There are two Ocean Lodge plush bathrobes in your room. They are available for your use during your stay. If you would like to take one home, new robes can be purchased at the Front Desk.


We believe you should only have sand between your toes by choice… when you come in from the beach, you’re welcome to slip into a pair of our cozy guest room slippers. 2 pair per room.


Dial “0” to contact the Front Desk.

Dial “8” to retrieve messages when the red light is blinking. Follow the prompts to listen to the message, and then follow the prompts

to delete the message. This will turn off the light.

Dial “9” to get an outside line. Local calls to Cannon Beach and Seaside, as well as 1-800 numbers are free.

“503” area code is required for all local calls.